Glint Light Collection

Glint literally means ‘to produce small, bright flashes of light reflected from a surface’. The Glint Light Collection does exactly that; it reflects light on the two aluminum interlocking elements, with arms overlapping each other, covering the light source. A poetic play of light emerges, shattered by the intricately designed aluminum arms, diffusing the light onto the walls, floor and ceiling. The collection consists of two types of lighting: a wall and suspension light. What makes the anodized aluminum body special; each color has its own effect on the reflection of the lighting and gives the light its own intensity and quality.

Material: anodised aluminum Colors: available in 2 different colors: gold 01 & brass 04 (standard collection), other colors available on request **Size: ** 414 x 414 x 100 mm

The lights are available for purchase. Please send an email to for more info