New possibilities and combinations lead to new design questions; could I give light movement, compose, mount, or shape light? By experimenting, new applications and inspirations emerge. Not only does this influence the shape and material of the light and light source; it also influences the effect, environment and function of light. Light gets a new meaning arising from this synthesis of innovation and attentive design. The result? Innovative design with a feel of craft, in the shape of surprising, playful and inviting lighting designs, which expresses astonishment - and the studio’s fascination for light as an extraordinary phenomenon, the red thread- and increasing focus within the projects of Studio Susanne de Graef.

The ‘Knotted Light’ project started with a reflection on the very nature of light, asking ourself, can light be materialized? What would the shape of light be? Could light be knotted and braided? With these questions in mind, the design process started. Experimenting by testing the boundaries of what is possible, by braiding and knotting the material, stretching the materials to its limits, connecting and re-shaping the material, an extensive search started to find the right form and shape which could be composed in numerous ways, evolving these poetic design questions into a series of lighting products.

The ‘Knotted Light collection’, a series of lighting elements, existing of tubes with light, which are embraced by a delicate transparant knit, giving the tubes its unique look and feel. The tubes of light, enlighten the knitted material from the inside, combining craft with state of the art lighting techniques. These elements are connectable by magnets. Beautiful patterns of light can be created, giving the consumer the freedom to compose with light. The elements can be installed hanging from the ceiling as a suspension light, installed as a wall light or a series of wall lights, as a decorative pattern of lighting elements or can be connected to a frame to create a table or floor light. All by combining this one element in various combinations. The possibilities are endless.

Size Knot Element: 645 x 645 mm x height is adjustable

The lights are available for purchase. Please send an email to for more info