The Recollections collection - Table Light

Recollections video

The Recollection collection is about ways of ‘owning’ something. Is a recollection something you own ? Does a product need to be palpable or could it also be a recollection ? There are different ways of ‘owning’ something. This project is about different way’s of ‘owning’ something.

Often I visit museums to get inspited. I greatly admire the collection of art pieces presented in the museum and never forget the exit through the giftshop where I always buy postcards of my favourite art pieces as inspiration. I could never afford the art pieces myself but by buying the postcard, I own a little bit of this piece, like I have a miniature art piece I can take home with me. This is my way to remember these art pieces. While going home with the postcards in my bag, my head is filled with the momories about the impression the art pieces of the art pieces on me. A beautiful palpable recollection.

These different way’s of ‘owning’ something is the inspiration for the Recollections collection consisting of the lighting piece itself (Recollections Table Light), the postcard in shape of a collage, a 2d imprint of the lighting piece ( Recollections Collages) and the palpable recollection of the piece where the concept of the collection is presented in words and images by the designer herself (Recollections movie)

Material hand blown clear glass, hand blown sandblasted glass, oak wood frame Size 345 x 345 x 585 mm